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Olive Leaf Extract for Fighting Acne

Olive leaf extract from the olive plant has been used throughout the ages as food or medicinal ingredient. Recently though, the extract is also being used in various skin care products, cosmetics and antibiotics because of it’s anti acne properties.

Olive Leaf Extract helps in fighting acne

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Acne is one of the most common skin problems and olive leaf extract helps in fighting this condition in numerous ways.

• Olive tree extract is known for it’s antioxidant properties which are estimated to be double that of green tea extracts and 400% higher then vitamin C. given it’s antioxidant properties, the extract can successfully eliminate potentially damaging radicals in the skin which may further cause skin problems. What’s more, the olive leaf extract can also help reduce signs of ageing.
• It helps in the process of detoxification and cleansing of the body system internally. This internal detoxification of the body helps in eliminating various internal causes responsible for acne breakouts.
• The extract also possesses both antibacterial as well as anti viral properties which not only get rid of acne causing bacteria but also discourages any further growth.
• Olive leaf extract stimulates the immune system. After all an active and agile immune system is the first step to preventing skin care problems like acne.

Olive Leaf Extract is used in Exposed Skin Care System

Given the extreme beneficence of the olive tree extract, Exposed Skin Care System incorporates this highly effective anti acne substance in its many skin care products. The olive leaf extract present in the Exposed Skin Care System is used to treat acne both internally as well as externally.

The Exposed Skin Care System makes use of several other highly efficient acne fighting ingredients along with the olive leaf extract. A blend of these incredibly powerful acne fighting ingredients ensures that Exposed Skin Care System is the best cure for the condition.

Olive Leaf Extract has Several Benefits

The olive leaf extract offers several benefits to those who use it. It has exceptional medical value and helps in treating various ailments. Some of the advantages of olive leaf extract are listed below:

• Olive leaf Extract is known to fight flu and cold symptoms.
• It is recognized as a great energy booster and aids in enhancing energy levels without the help of caffeine.
• The olive leaf extract is also capable of lowering cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
• It inhabits cancer cell and tumor growth.
• It further helps in maintaining normal DNA levels in the body.


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